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Turn things up to eleven! Drive your gig coach into the mouth of the beast! Sparta kick the rich down some stairs just for selling out! And complete in a Battle of the Bands where headbutting someone is just as valuable as a guitar solo that explodes a crowds ears.

The world of Metal Overtüre isn't just built on Heavy Metal. There is only Metal! Download this 2 page rpg designed to introduce you to the continent where Metal Overtüre takes place. A place where guitar solos create lightning and lead vocals can change your emotions with a single song. Take on gigantic beasts, the ruling upper class, a pirate invasion of Punks and a plague turning once devout metalheads into emo monstrosities. 

Metal Overtüre Brütal Icons is a heavy metal hack of John Harpers Lasers and Feelings.


Metal Overtüre Brütal Icons.pdf 266 kB
Metal Overtüre Brütal Icons - print friendly.pdf 61 kB

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